Two totally different brands using one name.

Two totally different brands using one name.

Quite strange it is to say, however there are two different eyewear companies that use one brand name in common.

TheCraft co.,ltd has the right of exclusive use of the trademark "SAGAWAFUJII" Wooden Eyewear. This brand as this Blog mentioned before, has its origin in a Japanese designer Ichikawa Takahide and his leather workshop. His idea enabled wood patterned eyewear frames, and because of his preference for the mother nature, evolved SAGAWAFUJII to an eyewear brand that makes its eyewear pieces with rose wood and ebony.

The trademark SAGAWAFUJII is registered in about 20 countries all over the world including Japan, USA, European Union, South Korea and even in China. After a period of business cooperation the trademark came to be owned by Ichikawa Takahide's partner company TheCraft co.,ltd's CEO in South Korea.

And one other brand that uses SAGAWAFUJII is a company in China. I don't know who builds these eyeglasses and since when, but this brand seems to have been rampant in the market of China. You can easily find them out by typing in 佐川藤井 into the search box of www.taobao.com, one of the most famous on-line market in China. These eyeglasses have no trademark SAGAWAFUJII on them, but the Chinese characters 佐川藤井 on them. However they are introduced as SAGAWAFUJII. 

In fact the Chinese characters 佐川藤井 could be pronounced as SAGAWAFUJII in Japan. Nevertheless 佐川藤井 itself is not SAGAWAFUJII in its appearance. But they introduce the eyeglasses 佐川藤井 as SAGAWAFUJII in the internet. 

I happened to achieve one eyeglasses of 佐川藤井. And I have some pairs of real SAGAWAFUJIIs. So took some photos of them.